Disruptive Ideation

We’re not an idea shop. At a dime-a-dozen, there’s no margin to be made on selling ideas. Our two cents is actually worth a lot more because it is founded on a multi-day process that helps your team break routine and find a new perspectives. It’s our process of Disruptive Ideation, and most of our clients tell us the experience was priceless.

No two sessions are the same. We start by getting a sense of where your team is today and where you want to go. We look ahead to your biggest obstacle for your employees, company and market. Then together we’ll look at your end-users.

During the sessions, we use information collected to construct an agenda full of experiential activities and focused discussions. Everything is designed to change the way you think. In the past, we’ve set up obstacles courses, made participants shop for cat food and played a reversed version of Pictionary.  We’ll find a way to challenge your team’s assumptions and force new perspectives.  

Disruptive Ideations typically conclude with dozens of promising concepts worth exploring further. Best of all, your team will be primed to keep creating, well after the session is over.

Throw a Wrench.