Strategic Planning

Research and ideation are funny. Though they can be quite expensive, they provide little-to-no-value in themselves. The ultimate value of research and ideation comes in the application and execution. That means that misapplication or poor execution can render any research or ideation completely worthless.

After generating ideas in ideation, we work with clients to prioritize concepts and integrate the top ideas into a business plan. Innovative companies don’t just rely on occasional home runs. They develop a steady rhythm of innovative product introductions over time. Others may get lucky and get a one-hit-wonder, but they inevitably struggle to keep up with an industry leader who keeps the pressure on.  

We also recognize that it’s dangerous to go too big, too fast. The reality is, the world may not be ready for your best ideas. Developing a multi-generational approach will allow you to let consumers change their behaviors over time in order to embrace your blockbuster products instead of rejecting your golden idea because it’s just “too different.”

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