You’ve been to a brainstorming session. Sit in a stuffy room, get a headache from the marker smell, try to pretend there are no bad ideas while you debate in your head if your ideas are good enough to shout out.

By that definition... we don’t do (or even like) brainstorming.

Armed with consumer insights, our ideation phase begins with the internalization of learning from our Discovery processes. Through edited thematic clips, experiential activities and live interactions, we ensure that your team is one-in-mind with the end user before we even start to think about new ideas.

Once the consumers’ wants and needs are fully internalized, then we go into the idea generation phase. We get outrageous and wild, but we make sure that there is a diverse portfolio of ideas at the end of the session, ranging from low-hanging fruit to game-changing revolutions. All ideas are captured – even the zany ones – for inclusion in the final report or even for future validation work.

Next Step: Implementation and Coaching