Market research is all about capturing numbers and abstract concepts. These are great tools to make simple decisions or gain valuable feedback. The problem is, innovation requires inspiration, not just data. Our discovery process is designed to leverage end-users and outsiders’ perspectives to help clients think different.

We utilize a variety of qualitative research tools, but our most effective approach is our hybrid consumer immersion methodology. Our immersion methodology combines ethnographic, in-depth interviewing and intuitive design-thinking techniques. Why? Because some learnings can only be gained from observing processes in context, others can only be captured through informal conversation, and some learnings (often the most elusive) can only be discovered in the disconnects between the people, the contexts, and the processes.  Consumer immersion gives the researcher a “human” view of the end-user.

Outsiders can also provide valuable inspiration into an innovation process. How does an adjacent or unrelated industry
approach a similar problem? What can extreme users teach us? Some of the best ideas are those inspired from the individuals and groups that exist on the fringes.

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