Our History

Collidea founder, Jerry McColgin, has long been an advocate for immersion. In the 1990s, Jerry led a global product development team at Whirpool and had multiple successful global projects under his belt. When traveling to foreign countries to study a target audience, research teams would often stay in comfortable, western hotels. Jerry? He was out networking the locals, being invited into people’s homes where he would dive into the culture. It was a common site to see Jerry lugging around his bulky ‘90s handycam, capturing everything imaginable so he could share it with his desk-driving cohorts.  He was so successful that they wrote a bestselling business book about it. Seriously.

His goal was never collecting data, it was about understanding exactly whom he was designing, engineering and marketing to and for. Over fifteen years in the industry, Jerry noticed a consistent difference between a fruitful project and duds. Projects that flourished had a team of lil’ Jerrys that took time to get to know their end-consumer on a personal, empathetic level. The duds did their research behind a desk.

So Jerry decided it was time to innovate the innovation industry, and founded a company that focused on a process of consumer immersion, always keeping end-users in mind. Today, Collidea recruits the most creative minds in the industry to change perspectives and develop successful products and services.