Goodbye Insight2

"Change Before You Have To" -Jack Welch

Insight2 is changing its name.  From this point forward, we will be known as Collidea.  It’s more than just a change in the name, its really a whole new identity.  Insight2 was formed in 2006, as a spin-off from Venture2.  That name served us well in our early years.  Granted we had more than one person stop by the office trying to pay off their cable bills, but unfortunately, it was never in cash.  As a company, we’ve grown up over the last seven years.  We’ve done a lot of soul-searching (and inquiring of our clients - thank you very much) and we asked ourselves, "What is the benefit that we provide?"  We came up with a simple answer.

We change perspectives

We’ve seen it time and again.  Companies set in their ways, targeting customers in the manner they thought best.  After an engagement with us, they viewed their business differently.  And that’s (we were told) a very good thing.  So how do we transform these perspectives?

We change perspectives by connecting new ideas, people and experiences

Our most successful projects transcend consumer understanding and product sketches.  When we are at our best, members of the client teams are able to shift from sympathy to empathy; embedding the unmet needs of their consumers deep within their psyche.  The learning went beyond a final report into a new belief system that drove future decisions across many dimensions of their business.  

We will still offer most of the business services that our clients have come to love including qualitative research (still specializing in observational techniques) and innovation strategy, but we will do it with a newfound purpose.  Many of the experiments that we’ve run over the past several years will now be our new standard for doing business.  Engaging with us will be more experiential than ever for you and your whole team.  You will be brought face to face with experts both within your industry and from outside.  You will be included in a project in a manner where the learning “sticks”, causing you to recall it even years later. 

We insincerely apologize up front for those of you that hate change...  But for the rest of you, Go Collidea!