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Featured Case Studies

When momma asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up, we never answered. We were too busy trying to figure out a better way to mow the lawn. Turns out, we made a career out of asking questions, pushing boundaries, breaking rules and challenging assumptions.

Guess we we were actually giving momma an answer after all.

Through our discovery process, we've been shot with paintballs, swam with dolphins and even watched people shower. Don't worry – they were cool with it. We'll do just about anything (as long as it's legal) to help our clients understand what their end-users really need.

Our disruptive ideation helps clients feel the same frustrations felt by their product or services' end-users. We've hosted cooking classes, performed with improvisational actors and put together obstacle courses. We do all this because a brainstorming session, while useful, will only get you so far. Our process gives new perspective, and inspires breakthrough thinking.

Here are a few of our favorite stories of helping clients change perspectives, so they can develop innovative solutions.


Inspiring a Garden Hose Manufacturer

Innovation isn't easy to begin with, let-alone in a low interest category. When a client approached us wanting to breathe fresh life into their line of garden hoses, we knew we were in for a challenge.
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Aiming in the Wrong Direction

Applies to: Products
Companies frequently hire us to innovate their existing product lines. However, when we talk to consumers and end-users, there is always one major, inherent risk: what if a greater need/opportunity exists outside of the existing paradigm? In the shrinking paintball industry, we helped our client change the game and find new revenues.
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Making a Splash in the Shower Industry

Applies to: Products
Just talking with consumers can provide a lot of valuable information, but consumers don't always know what they want. No matter how sensitive the category, in-context observations are essential to truly understanding end-users. When it came to showers, the most important insight we delivered to our client was the unspoken one.
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