Core Team Member

Stephan Vincent

Director of Cultural Transformation

EXPERTISE: Innovation starter and brand catalyst

"What I would like to see is legacy... how did I help them change their perspective?"

Inertia states that objects at rest tend to stay at rest… until Stephan gets involved.  Stephan is a visionary, strategic and critical thinker or in other words, he loves to get things started. Through his diverse work and extensive international experience, he's got a unique perspective on trends, innovation, differentiation, and branding.

He earned a Master’s degree in marketing from the Chambery Graduate School of Business (France), before leading various innovative marketing projects in the retail, events & trade shows, and healthcare industries. He also worked as an independent consultant on cross-cultural training & relocation services, as well as on innovation and branding.

A proud Hoosier by adoption (if you wonder how a French guy ended up in Indianapolis, he will tell you how he seduced a Hoosier girl in a bar in France and how she brought him back in her luggage to Indy), Stephan has become an advocate for our state. He is leading s.p.IN and Collide Summit Indiana to bring the spotlight on Indiana as an innovation hotbed.

The man is an explorer, excited by things he hasn't seen before and people he has yet to meet. Whereas others may be intimidated by the unfamiliar or unknown, Stephan actively pursues it. He says it fires up his curiosity, stimulates his senses, and is good for the intestinal fortitude.  From his perspective, "Change is an opportunity, not a threat or a fatality."


Stephan Vincent

Personal Highlights:

  • Born in France, and has lived in three different countries
  • Has conducted business in 40+ nations
  • Sits on the board of Indy's Innovation Network: Centric
  • Chairman of the 2014 Day of Innovation Conference
  • Founded and leads s.p.IN and Collide Summit Indiana
  • Known to be corruptable only by a (very) good bottle of wine