Core Team Member

Henry Sorensen

Operations and Finance Manager

EXPERTISE: Finance and operations guru

Some people just look for an MBA to do their finances, but we didn't stop there.  We wanted a viking.

Henry's career started when he attended the Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy where his studied operations management and military logistics.  His natural abilities to process numbers and work through bureaucratic systems drove him to explore new career options in the United States.  Settling in the Midwest, he earned a BS in accounting from Indiana University and transitioned into a new career in finance and accounting.

His career began at Ernst & Young where he focused on helping entrepreneurs.  Leveraging this experience, Henry later started his own business, Synergy CPA group, where he worked for 20+ years and served dozens of small-to-mid-sized businesses.  Henry has extensive experience in creative financing, cashflow management, and financial consulting and he negotiates with the ferocity of his viking ancestors.

Henry is a family man, emphasizing a healthy work-to-life balance.  Every summer, Henry takes his family back to the homeland where they sail in the same fjords he grew up around.  When winter time rolls around, Henry and family are skiing the legendary slopes of Southern Indiana every chance they get.

Henry Sorensen

Personal Highlights:

  • Currently a Major in the Norwegian Air Force Reserve
  • Served as CFO for almost 30 companies
  • Certified CPA
  • Avid skier and cognac aficianado