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Jerry McColgin

Founder and President

EXPERTISE: Finder of common sense solutions to complex problems.

"The greatest moment of being a business owner of a place like Collidea is when we see our clients reach new levels of success."

When problems are difficult, we work harder.  When problems are impossible, we call Jerry.

Jerry's built a career on his ability to overcome the biggest, hairiest challenges they could throw at him.  Most of it comes naturally, but his B.S. in industrial engineering from Purdue University and MBA from Ashland University have helped him to apply his gifts to business.

Jerry's first successes came during his 14 years working for Whirlpool corporation.  He started on the floor of a manufacturing plant in Clyde, Ohio, and worked his way up to corporate headquarters in Benton Harbor, Michigan.  His most impressive achievement during his stint at Whirlpool was leading a cross-functional global team in the development of refrigerators to be built around the world.  With all odds against them, the project came in under-budget, ahead of schedule, and exceeded all expectations.  In other words: he did good.

During his time at Whirlpool, Jerry realized he could help other companies achieve massive successes using the same techniques and processes he had learned in his work.  That's when he started his first company, McColgin Consulting.  Since then, Jerry has started 3 businesses, founded the Greater Indy Innovation Roundtable and Indiana Innovation Awards and generated tens of millions of dollars of revenue for the dozens of clients for whom he's worked.

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Jerry McColgin

Personal Highlights:

  • Quoted in The Indianapolis Star, Indiana Business Journal, and Inc. Magazine
  • Named in over 23 US patents
  • Once hosted a syndicated radio show
  • Featured throughout bestselling business book, The Disney Way
  • Successfully led the largest, most complex project Whirlpool had ever attempted at the time (1997)
  • Karaoke'd in over 17 different countries