The Greatest Innovation Tool You've Never Heard Of

We all know it takes a lot of brainpower to create innovation, but the brain has its limitations. However, there is a tool out there that enables us to "cheat" the brain in two key ways: recalling situationally-relevant information, and making meaningful connections. That tool is called DevonThink.   Read the full post >

You Can't Schedule Inspiration

You never know when a brilliant idea will strike you. Make sure you're prepared to capture it when it does.   Read the full post >

Innovation is a Cheater's Game

If you want to innovate, you've got to be willing to cheat. Not illegal or immoral cheating... but you've got to be willing to break the rules in order to deliver value in a new, better way.   Read the full post >

Extending the Holiday?

Sometimes the best laid plans are put on hold due to mother nature   Read the full post >