Marketing 3.0: lessons from the food trucks

The food truck industry is doing marketing 3.0. Marketing 3.0 is the convergence of brick and mortar business (in case of food trucks steel and tires) 1.0, using digital technology 2.0 to create a new marketing/business model 3.0.   Read the full post >

The danger of focus groups & Big Data

It is hard to translate consumer’s feedback into a product. Along the way the message is lost in translation.   Read the full post >

How to create customer engagement by providing a unique experience

In our saturated marketplace and overload information era, it is harder and harder to make personal connections and engage with customers. Customers are never more than a text, search, tweet, post or question to Google or Siri away from finding another option to fulfill their needs if you can't get it done.   Read the full post >

Your brain is like a bottle of Orangina.

The design of your thinking determines all of your results in this whacky world, and the wilder, funkier and more unique your thinking, the better positioned you are for success.   Read the full post >