A Little Innovation Humor and an Experiment

A short YouTube promotional video for Collidea   Read the full post >

To win or not to lose? The power of loss aversion

Because gains are fleeting and losses linger, people behave irrationally to avoid loss. How can you leverage the power of “loss of aversion” to grow your business, motivate your people and increase sales?   Read the full post >

Join The Resistance Against The Status Quo

Indiana will celebrate innovation this August with Centric's Day of Innovation conference. This exciting one-day event allows innovation leaders and practitioners from all backgrounds to converge and learn from a diverse group of people. The event will feature keynote speaker Jeff Baxter, co-founder of Steely Dan and lead-guitarist of the Doobie Brothers. Baxter is now a consultant for the Pentagon on counter-terrorism.   Read the full post >

Unhappy employees are bad for your business

Unhappy employees can turn even the best companies into "have beens". In contrast, happy employees can turn even the most average companies into worthy lovebrands.   Read the full post >