Archive - 2013

Wishing you an Innovative Christmas

Does everything have to change, or are holiday traditions fine?   Read the full post >

Who Writes Your Instruction Manuals?

The instruction manual is often the first "touch" that people have with brand once they've purchased your product. What impression is it making?   Read the full post >

It's All About Change

Companies aspire to being innovative, but are structured in a way to ensure sameness and consistency. Some companies will intentionally hire a "renegade" in an attempt to mix things up, but if the environment in which they work isn't prepared for disruption, the employee will systematically be disarmed, discouraged, and eventually forced out.   Read the full post >

Changing Perspectives

If you want to look to the future in a new way, you've got to consider trying some new techniques. Here's how a "roving strategy meeting" helped us cement a change in our culture as we shifted from Insight2 to Collidea.   Read the full post >