Consumer Research

3 Shortcomings of Mobile Ethnography

Many companies are turning to mobile ethnography to gain information on their consumers. Their goal is to save cost and time by doing this simple type of research themselves. This blog shows three reasons why they may be disappointed with the results.   Read the full post >

Companies don't buy research...

Companies don't buy market research. They buy the ability to make better decisions. If they realized that, they would utilize the information they gain in a much more efficient manner.   Read the full post >

When Old School Innovation Meets new School

With all the emphasis on Lean and Agile these days, have we lost some of the long-held beliefs that are also tried and true?   Read the full post >

Don't commoditize your brand

What’s critical is for the company to keep its brand relevant by innovating and bringing to life new game-changing products or services.   Read the full post >